Hi, everyone!

みんな げんき? 私は ”デシ” です。大学生 です。よろしく おねがいします。^^ (How do you do? I am Rhyn*nickname* . University student. Nice to meet you all!)

Well, I am not a Japanese, but I just like the way Japanese introduce themselves to others, so I tried one. I hope that’s the correct way to introduce oneself.

I like to write, but sometimes doesn’t feel so proud of my writing, part of the reason because some people think it is bad writing, the other reason is because I don’t have time and I write very slow… haha 😀

I like singing, making loud sounds in corridor, smiling without reasons, crying with tons of reasons,

But, I laugh at most of things… 

I like poking my friends, doodling in lecture notes, taking picures, listening to pop, jazz, RnB, instrumentals… some types of rocks… 🙂

I love to traveling a lot,

I hope I will have dozens of time and money to enjoy myself travelling around the world some time in future alone or with someone who also have passion to travel.. well *as soon as posibble *

I really hope to know my friends, my family, my cyber’s friends, and all beloved people reading my blog… Do leave your comment ne! coz if you read it, but not leaving any trace of your presence in my blog, I will never know right?  🙂

Well, hope to see your comments…

じゃ、that’s about me… see ya…