This is the comment that I dropped in one of my friend’s blog, kenung.. hehe ^^ And then I found it quite interesting to post about it here…

So, the main idea of her article in the blog is about No hope = No disappointment.

And here is my respond to that BIG PHRASE 🙂

..I do hope for a lot of things..

mika thinking

Like sometimes, in my head there will be lots of dreams that I hope to achieve someday. Then, I know that most of the things I hope are too “exaggerated”, if I can say. I mean I wouldn’t be able to gain those dreams, obviously. *prejudgement*But still, I think hoping is still a good thing to do. When you are hoping for something, you will be motivated to do something in order to get them. And when you fail to get it, you will be haunted with “disappointment” like what you said. But, when you get that hope, the most excitement will embrace you.If you afraid of disappointment, you will never set any goals or hopes, and you will regret not having hope. Because, when you get something, you will never feel content about it. And if you never experience disappointment, you will never learn to get up and do your best as well.Without setting a goal or hope, someone will just wondering at current situation and let life pass worthless. That’s what I think..

Well, I think this topic is quite interesting.. N I like to give opinion about this kind of thing so I just posted it here to share with you all this concise view about Hope…