Actually, I have a lot of things to be done.. But, I just feel so tired to do that, am I the slacking type that make me feel in that way so frequent? Well, I don’t know, that may be one of the reasons…

I am so tired, tired tired…. I haven’t done anything but I really feel so tired… It seems like my whole body feel so heavy that I hardly to move it. 😦

Just now, when I was taking a bath, I was wondering why people can be so lazy. The toilet is so bad these few weeks, they are so lazy to flush!!! I hate them, if they are blind maybe they can’t see that their **** omgare everywhere… If their noses are disfunctional, maybe they can’t smell that very bad smell, so that they don’t want to flush… -.-

I guess their whole body should be working properly right? Why can’t they just press and flush? It is not asking them to take water from the well or something to flush, they just need one action = press the flush button.. it is so easy…

Alright, I don’t know anymore what to do with that, everytime I go to toilet, I need to flush for them so that I can use… I hate doing that, but I have no choice.. haizz.. :((( whatever…

Now, I have accounting to study, I have report to do, and I have reading waiting for me to read.. >< hu.. so tiring… I am loosing weight again i think, because now you can see my face is getting smaller and smaller.. 😦 I can’t sleep before I finish doing tutorials for revision.. Actually, I have set target to finish my report  today as well, but I guess I need to postpone it to tomorrow. SO, let’s do it now… Ganbarou!



tired T.T sleepy