I hate study!! I absolutely hate it for this moment! What’s the purpose of studying all those stuffs?? Why those subjects make u depressed? Why those DEAD THINGS forced you to hate yourself because you didn’t do well???

Well, see how many people don’t study those stupid theories YET they are able to live on happily, have income even some people can become a rich man without bothered of his grades in school… I hate study really! I don’t know why I put my parents to pay lots of money, put my parents in such a burden to pay those freaky high fees for me…. I really hate if I think about it! I regret that I study at NTU, such a nice and high prestige university,huh? But, what’s the point if I don’t even enjoy myself learning what I am learning now? What’s the point if I just don’t know what I am studying????

I have lots of questions to ask indeed about study! I hope I can find something that I like, since I feel really depressed if what I am studying just doesn’t fit in to myself. I feel detach! alienation?

I want to know what I am good at?SO, I won’t be bother to study all these stuffs that I don’t good at! sth that is useless for me since I don’t know what I am studying! I hate I hate I hate it so much!!!

rhyn~stressed arghhhh…… msgplus_img0981.png