Hi there,

Maybe those of you who have been browsing through my blog you will realized I have changed the layout! 😀

Well, look at this new layout, Do you like it? ^^ I bet you will…

Actually, I am in the process of reviving myself to my new life. Hmm, not a real “new life” though, I am just trying to see all of my surroundings in a new light..

Why? Yes, because I want to start everything all over again. I don’t think I can give up now, after all my efforts that I have been putting since I was in my high school. 🙂 *well, since I think I know where I want to go*

Every single things since today, will become something new for me. When seeing everything, everyone, everyday in new light, I will have some fun to the bits of all. This will keep my spirit up! ^^

Hmm, maybe saying things will so easy than doing it. But, let’s try it! Give it a shoot!


“Let’s see everything as NEW everyday, then enjoy the FRESHNESS in totality…”


rhyn,Remember, Everyday is a brand new day~