Today, as usual I was going through my usual activities…. woke up late again.. -.- 

Well, in the afternoon I went for two tutorials and I actually felt that those two tutorials passed so fast. Later, I have dinner with Opo at Canteen A where I met ST and ate together with us. Right after finishing our dinner, I rushed back to my hall to get my choir score.. Haizz.. I have a bad memories to bring stuffs.. I always forget to do something everytime I have planned properly. Such a waste… =.=

 Anyway, then I went for choir practice which we were having rehearsal with the piano ensemble. For your information, we are going to have performance on next Sunday for Alumni night!! ^^ I really enjoy the song that we are going to sing, it called  “You Can’t Stop the Beat.” A fast-pace beat song with very nice melodies…  song Even the Alto part is also very melodious… (usually melody for Alto is always weird.. haha :D) Ah, something interesting… We actually practiced the dance steps for this song and we practiced outside the theatre. hahaha.. So, people who passed by the way would stared at us.. That’s really fun although a little bit embarassing and tired… :p

If you have wathched quite recent movie Hairspray, I bet you will know that this song is the soundtrack of it. I haven’t watch the movie but it should be a musical kind of genre. So, if you are interested should go and watch.. 🙂

 Then back to our topic, yes… Today I felt that the day actually passed so fast as I couldn’t recall a lot of stuff from the tutorials. I quite enjoy my day today, it is just ordinary yet fit-with-mood day… However, now actually I feel so tired and really hope that I am at my house chatting with my mom or just simply lie at bed at my room.. Hmm.. what a cozy feeling… love.gif

Alright, nothing much to say about today. I need to prepare for my presentation and read my reading for tomorrow lecture. Oh no, wait…I have skipped 2 readings since last week…  mmm Moreover, exam is coming soon…  がんばろう。。。。


 042928a4a662005b5d70858964a7d645.gif ” You can’t stop the beat.. lalala~”