Heyooo,c72b3da3ff82cc27a4d2626fd1ab9e80.gif  Hahaha.. Today, I woke up at 10 a.m. but then I slept again until 11 a.m. ohh, what was I doing actually??

SO, exam is coming soon and I have no idea how I can do my exam question when I don’t even master neither core nor elective subject.. wew…

What to do now? Yep, of course I need to study from today onwards… hahaha.. But, sometimes after I finished studying one chapter and move on to next chapter, I will forget a lot of thing from previous chapter… Oh no, this is so bad 😦

Well, I don’t have class. hehe.. Then, I plan to study the second part of my COM207 Communication history and finished it by today. I hope I can finished and really understand what I have been studying or it will just wasted my time. Today schedule will be as follows:



3. TRY to do ACCOUNTING, I spent my whole 3 hours doing that yesterday yet I haven’t finished it :\

4. GO to choir practice…

5. Let’s see what I can do.. haha 😀

Lalala~ I am looking forward to the exam coz after that I will be free again… Hm, but then I need to decide as soon as possible whether to stay in Singapore or going back during December holiday. The reason is because I have received Form to be completed regarding my staying in hall during the holiday period… hhaizz…

Ah, I just want to share with you this song that I listened yesterday.

It is a song by “Fly To The Sky” duo singers from Korea, Brian(vibrato) and Fany(clear voice). Their songs are mostly Ballad genre with moderate beats that goes along. They actually has the english version of this song as well. It is a very nice song… Here I have two videos, one of them is the concert in US.. Haha..

Look at their fans who are mostly Asian residence in US(not sure whether they are Korean)… They went like crazyyy… >< The concert was really fun to watch, look at their fans behaviour.. hahahaha 😀 they really enjoyed the song I guess…

Ah, look at Brian’s spectacles… Black spectacles at night concert?? hmm…

So, here you go… “Missing You” by FTTS… Enjoy… ^^

1. Concert in 2007 Hollywood Bowl

 2. MV Missing you

 Missing You (Translation)

Even if I tell myself that right now, its not like before
Even if you forget me completely,
Even if I am just a person that just went by
Tonight is just one night
Just like before I lost you

My heart wants to find you again
Why is it lingering like this?
I cant accept myself without you
Tonight is just one night
Just like before I lost you

*Please listen to my heart just once
Everyday every night i am missing you
Even if you are not by my side,
Even if I cant see you now,
In my heart, you are always the same

My heart that wants you again,
Why is it lingering like this?
I cant actually realize that I dont have you
Tonight is just one night
Just like before I lost you

repeat *
I dont expect you to come back again
My heart is always trapped inside of yours

Please listen to my heart just once
(To me who cant see you)
Everyday everynight I am missing you
Even if you are not by my side
Even if I cant see you now,
My heart is always..
because Im loving you and missing you

repeat *
To me, you are always the same ~

Credits to: aheeyah
rhyn chan~