Hm, what to blog about today? Yes, PAIN…


What pain are we talking about here? Physical pain or psychological pain?

Bah! hahaha.. dun worry this is not to gonna be an essay :p

Just want to share with you my day where I am always dangling to pain most of the time. Fiuh, what a life…

So, I try to list out my pain here n think about it, actually I still have so much pain that won’t be able to mention here. But, anyway here are some of them :

1. I bite my tounge last week n it was bleeding… omg, what a stupid incidence, right? 😐 It still hurts, n I have problems talking too much (as what I do usually). Moreover, I face difficulty of chewing my foods….arghh this is the most irritating part 😦 + some more I have ulcer…. oh, goshhhhh!

2. I had my right feet sprained last last week, but it suddenly hurt two days ago. Bless me God, I think the doctor in the school is really sucks… he only gave me plester n that’s it… see, how sucks he is! =.=

3. I had pain in my brain. Well, what’s now?? I feel so painful as I can’t memorize the stuff that I supposed to. Look, exam is coming nearer and I try to prepare myself. But, guess what is happening is that I can’t even memorize the thing that I have just read… Lame memory :S I have no idea how I will do in my exam if it keeps going like this mmm

4. My heart is painful as in hurt. Not heart attack though.. hahaha.. it’s just that sometimes when I think about some people I know quite well turned their back on me then. I feel extremely disappointed with this situation. Anyway, I don’t want to think about it now as I have too much physical pain that torture me at the moment..

That’s not all! I still have pain on my back, my neck, my toe,…. maybe all parts of my body feel painful now 😦

Anyway, that’s it about today. I have to study really really really hard hard hard hard….!!!

~   頑張ってください、リンーちゃん ~ ^-^