Oh, think about it makes me feel so bad. See, I have studied for hours until my brain drained, but I still can’t really remember exactly what I have been reading through for that long day…

Well, anyway I will try suggestion from my mom and my roomate to write whatever I have read in a paper. This must be done because that although I might not be able to remember all, I could at least refer to it and remember the keypoints. I hope it works and help me to do well in exam as well. I really need to be a good writer in my exams since every single module I took (except Chinese and accounting) required me to write concise and well presented essay answers. I have decided that I will study accounting today as I’ve just got some revision with the help of my friend regarding some issues. Thank you ^^ hahhaa..

I have had my last quiz for COM207 Communication History this morning and it seemed that I screwed it up once more. I really hope I could do well today since I have been spending hours to study. However, it seems that my effort was wasted. 😦 Quite sad… Moreover, after the quiz when the lecturer told us about the way to approach the exam question made me feel so scared of failing it. I doubt that I can do well really! It needs a lot of skills that I don’t have at the moment mmm

Well, last but not least is a piece of piano instrumental from “Spring Waltz” Soundtrack called “Teardrops”. It is a really pleasant piece which give sense of bitter pains, but at the same jouyous sparks along the strains. I can’t get any video on youtube, so I will give you the link to imeem and listen to it if you really curious 🙂

Check it out… >>>   Teardrops – Spring Waltz Ost




Good Luck for all who are having exams including me :p

がんばってね! だいじょぶん。。。