Miss List:
1. my family: mom, dad, lit’l sis, n my lit’l bro
2. my high school days and my friends
3. my holiday with my family
4. my “cleverer” brain…. arghhh why it is deteriorating now
5. my confidence… I need it now!

Wish List:
1. I want to get back my “smarter” brain~
2. Some inspiration of what I want to be in the future, goals YES!
3. I can do all the questions in my coming exams smoothly without any difficulty at all!!! waaa…
4. I want my exciting holiday abroad… probably europe.. Paris, Italy, Rome etc..hahaha..
5. Be a better organized and live life to the fullest ^^
6. my necklace that I lost months ago~

Current Best friends:
1. Liung
2. Ather
3. Lehu
4. Opo
5. Irene

Currently hates:
1. Exams
2. People who predend to be nice temporarily
3. Lizards outside my room, disgustinggg…
4. Doing laundry
5. Wake up so late… arghh..

Places wanted to go:
1. Medannn go back2~
2. Paris
3. Rome
4. Bintan
5. Bali

Things need to do:
1. study study… wuittt 207
2. assignment… mb101 huhuhu..
3. study again… 207
4. stick to my schedule!
5. ~

Currently loved songs:
1. Teardrops ~ Waltz spring ost
2. Life ~ Mika Nakashima
3. Inconsolable~ BB
4. Sweet dreams~ Byul
5. Welcome back~ TV themes Kotter

 current mind in my head:
1. hikss, why am I so stupid suddenly? Where is my brain?
2. I want to pass the exam and feel content after that 🙂
3. Find a part time job so I can earn money for my holidayyy, Jay Concert tix, and Choir competition probably
4. Should I go back this December?
5. Where are you***? I need ur support really!


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