Look at that (quite)stunning title of this post… hahaha..  Yep, it’s been a while I haven’t post anything interesting about my life so, I decided to post it today… yay!

I woke up quite late today because I have no more morning class. My first and only class today is only COM255 Organizational Communication. Well, we have to fill out evaluation form for this lecturer who everyone “hates” I guess. Everyone was just so excited and I bet all of us wrote the same comment for him, “ORGANIZE PLEASE…” That’s weird right when he was supposed to teach organizational communication yet the materials we learnt in lectures were not relevant to the readings, or sometimes we got something that was really irrelevant to what we supposed to learn. Anyway, that’s enough about it. I was not saying that everything was bad, just that I couldn’t say that he was good lecturer. So sorry about that…

After my lecture finished, I went back hall. Guess what did I do from 2.30 p.m. till almost 6 p.m.? I was slacking all the way, I was watching two Korean movies: The Perfect Couple and The King and The Clown. Oh my god! What have I done with those spare time?? Why I didn’t study at all? :((((((

My phone rang and I saw message from Ching-mon asked me to eat dinner together with Opo. Then, I stopped watching and went eat with them at Canteen 16. haha… A lot of stupid thing happened to me. I was so blur…

So the story began like this,

I was eating BanMian(Handmade noodles) and everytime I tried to use chopstick to eat, the soup splased everywhere. That’s so lame I know… I couldn’t not laugh at myself. Then, my spoon has dipped into the soup 3 times. So ungraceful… behh.. That’s not the end of the amusement, I found a dead maggot inside my soup! EUYYYY….. why so unlucky? Well, I still finished my BanMian with the rationale that the rich protein that insect has. (Although I still feel disgusting X| ) Opo and Ching-mon keep laughing because of the chopsticks, my spoons and the “high-protein little green maggot :S”…

After laughing session in Canteen 16 because of my clumsiness, we went to library to study for exam. I felt like I was just finishing 1 week lecture which suggested that I need to move on REALLY REALLY fast tomorrow to complete this course before I study my core subject. Hmm, yes that’s all about today…

Although I was slacking around today, I feel so much better than yesterday, two days ago or last week. Hahaha.. there’s too many things to laugh at, not only the movies I watched, but also people I bumped into today (especially Aphong math quizes for Ershu… SO funny! ) Thanks for the laughter I got

Ah, just a lame joke for you guys, I took this from my friend’s blog.. hahaha.. I feel that this is really funny. Here u go… ^^

Once Upon a time there were 3 eggs. Egg 1 said to egg 2, “Eh why the egg beside you got hair one?”
Egg 3 overheard and said angrily, “Limpeh si Kiwi, not egg lah!”