Look at this Christmas tree… It seems like a normal Christmas tree, but wait until you see them closely…

This is part of the tree you’ve just looked at, it made of the magnificent crystals. Wow!

And here, is one of the biggest diamonds in the world… So beautiful… 😀

So, here you can find the entrance to the magical world where you can find all those sparkling crystals…

This is another design being exhibited. Look at them, such a special design and pitched the uniqueness of the materials. Yes, they are the luxurious and expensive gems, Crystals… 🙂

Wow, it will be a dignity for me to experience one day with them on my own. (I want to go here someday!) Take a very close look on every single edges of the crystals and then, let this Cinderella’ shoe” be the spells for me to indulge in the magical world once again 🙂


Pictures from:
Swarovski Crystal World near Innsbruck, Austria, originally uploaded by Paul & Kelly.
Swarovski Crystal Worlds – Crystal World Shop, originally uploaded by *Checco*.

A crystal christmas tree., originally uploaded by furbyx4.
Swarovski Crystal Worlds – The Giant, originally uploaded by *Checco*.

Swarovski Crystal Worlds – Winter’s Dream, originally uploaded by *Checco*.
Swarovski Crystal Worlds – Crystal Theatre, originally uploaded by *Checco*.