Today,  I woke up late as usual. I don’t know what has happened to me recently,  I always tempt to sleep more and more. I have wasted a lot of time, I realized. Every stupid, useless, trivial things that I have done popped up in my head then. I feel regret and bemoan myself.

On 14th November 2007, Wednesday, I will be having my first exam for this semester yet I didn’t manage to memorize a lot of stuffs. It have made me to carry tons of burden. Moreover, because this subject needs in-depth understanding of concepts embedded in the course, I feel like dying at this moment.

However,  I still try to keep myself awake with spirit which come out of nowhere. I really need more time to study this subject, although I don’t have any confidence that I can do as well as my classmates can do. After all, I still feel the course that I am taking is not my cup of tea.

What to do if I am trapped inside it from the start. I really need more time to think about this course again, contemplate about it once more, then decide what to do next. Nevertheless, this moment don’t allow me to do that. Even to finish and master this Communication History, it won’t be enough.

Please give me more time~~



*this moment is daunting me*