Aihh, I am so sick of reading those scholars history. It is really impossible to remember that all in four days! Then, tomorrow is the EXAM!! Great, let’s see what I can do tomorrow… 😦

I really don’t know why I can’t memorize things properly. I will mix every information in one big bowl in my head then I won’t know who did what n what concepts come after that. ARHGHHHHH !!

Browsing through my high school pictures really make me try to go back to that time. I was not as stressed as I am today. My days there were not as desperate as these days here. I feel a lot more happier studying science than what I am studying now. I really don’t get it at all, why I could even decide to take this course when I applied to this university.

Ahhh, really want to go back to that time when I have my best buddies beside me, Liung, Natasya, Irene, Kenung, Achat and all members of EG2. Then my best friends Ather, Christine, Isa, Rika, Natal, Ria, Apek, Mami, all of you… yes!!

Those are the most beautiful days of mine, they will remain the most beautiful moments always….

*stressed of exam* feel so unease, dizzy, nausea… :((((