Suddenly, I am browsing through some news about Jay Chou World Tour Concert 2008 ticket. I know they have been sold out. But after I listened to the newest album then songs in his previous concerts, I felt so so stupid not to take quick move asking around for OCBC credit card… hiksss… Coz I was hoping that on public sales I will be able to buy the tickets. Feel even more disappointed when I was reading through some people blog saying that the concert will be on his Birthday!!!! HIS BIRTHDAY! JAY’s Birthdayyy! can u imagine how disappointed I am??

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……… I am truly hopeless 😦 sad sad sad……… I wonder when the hell I will have chance to watch his concert? After I am old? arghhhh sad sadddddddd 😥

I will buy his newest album since I heard from my friend that we will stand for chance of winning his concert ticket. Don’t know whether that info is accurate, but I will definitely check it out! Ahhh, exams go away,  I hate you!


rhynchan~ troubled by exams, and disapointment not to get Jay Chou’s tix X(