Such a windy day, feeling so good whole day 😀

My phone alarms was ringing for 3 times yet I still didn’t feel anything disturbing me to wake up. Suddenly, the ringing tone was different, it was incoming call. In a second I woke up and stared at my phone… It was my senior. I picked up the phone and shocked because she asked me to go for meeting with my professor about the part time job we are both working at. So, at last I decided not to go since I wouldn’t manage to go there in 40 minutes. Actually I didn’t hear anything about this meeting until this morning, that was why I was still sleeping although it was 11.00 a.m. Anyway, because she also need to go Orchard and can’t shift the meeting to 1 p.m or later, we decided that she attend the meeting and tell me the details tomorrow when we have to meet to do the task..haha… Relieved… 🙂

Then, I walked out from my room… Surprisingly, it was so windy outside… It has never happened before, especially at noon. Ah it was so tranquil in the noon (only today though hahaha..) So nice 🙂

Yup, then what I did this whole day?

– Confirm buffet for choir camp

– text my mortal (we play angel and mortal for choir camp)

– watched 2 movies hehe ^^

– read Conan

– did my task for part time (I think I did it wrong, nvm.. 😦 )

– now, I am writing this nothing-special entry in blog :p

This is what we called HOLIDAYYYYY!!! Enjoy life hahahhaa…Enjoy life as Pig? maybe? heck care~ as long as I do what I think worth doing :p

Yeapsss, yesterday I share some stories with kawe… thanks for listening 🙂 and tomorrow I am going to temple at Bugis and planning to stroll at Clarke Quay.. Photos coming soon 😀

Ahhh, whole windy day. Even when I write this, the wind is still blowing just-in-time (accounting term?)…. ~~

 32cd5349_wwwoniontoucn.gif relieved yay!! christmas comin soon~

Rhynchan~ bibibbbippp