Hey! I’ve just bought Jay Chou newest album yesterday…. yay!! Moreover, it has given me a little (yes, a very little) hope to get Jay Chou World Tour concert ticket since they have some kind of lucky draw hohhohoho ^0^ I am so happy….

Here is the CD… hahahha 😀


As I have promised, this is the other favourite song of mine from Jay Chou’s “On the Run” album. The Longest Movie with mellow melodies and lyrics. It is a song about love, although it was turned down yet give me of a sense longing for love with real formidable courage. This lines that I feel he still struggling for love frantically.

“Give me two more minutes

Let me turn the memories into ice

Don’t melt the tears”

Composer: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)
Lyricist: Jay Chou (周杰倫) (周杰伦)

我们的开始 是很长的电影 放映了三年 我票都还留着

冰上的芭蕾 脑海中还在旋转 望着你 慢慢忘记你

朦胧的时间 我们溜了多远
冰刀划的圈 圈起了谁改变
如果再重来 会不会稍嫌狼狈

再给我两分钟 让我把记忆结成冰
别融化了眼泪 你妆都花了要我怎么记得
记得你叫我忘了吧 记得你叫我忘了吧
你说你会哭 不是因为在乎

Was a very long movie
It’s been showing for 3 years
I’ve still got the ticket
The ballet on ice
Still whirling in my mind
Watching you
Slowly forgetting you

The blurred times
We’ve skated very far
The circle drawn by the ice skates
Circles up, who changes?
If we start again
Will we hate it a bit for being difficult
Is love only precious when you don’t talk about it?

Give me two more minutes
Let me turn the memories into ice
Don’t melt the tears
Your makeup is messed up, how can I remember
I remember you told me to forget
I remember you told me to forget
You say you will cry
Not because you care

Credits: Jay Chou Studio

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