Just don’t want to miss posting about this because it is very important for me ^^

Yes, I am 19 years old today! hohoho… A year has just passed so fast without me realizing it. It might not be a big deal for you, but it is an extremely valuable moment for me…

So, 5 minutes before my 1st day of 19 years old passed I want to post something in my blog about it…

Hmm, I am so happy to have a lot of people who I love so much were celebrating my birthday today at 12 plus in morning. Thanks a lot guys! ^^ I am so glad that they still remember my birthday. I am so happy I have them that day. I am so glad those people I love are still my family, my best friends and my dear friends. I am glad that God still give me chance to share my life with them. 🙂

I am happy that God has given me a lot of lessons in my one year life. I have learnt many many things, God let me know about what is struggling, friendship, family bonding, love, and myself. This one year, I have seen so many things happened surrounding me, that little by little teach me how to lead this life. It was a bit difficult at the first stage, or I can say it is embittered struggled really! But, I believe that for everything that is good will not come easily. Courage and determintation are necessary for success. I realized that today I am still so far away from that I actually can do, because lack of those two elements. I know that I have done a lot of wrong things along the way yet hasn’t changed a bit.

Therefore, from today onwards I wish, I will and for sure have ability to change those bad habits. It is not easy as just saying it out. Let’s do it even it may seems impossible!

 Again, Happy Birthday to me! Let’s have a happy great days ahead 🙂


just got back from choir camp, tired.. but fun.. haha 😀

Meeting and knowing a lot of people is just so interesting:)

CHoir Bonding~