I have just taken a bath, and now sitting in front of my lappie with all stuffs in mess on table. I don’t care for now, because I am so tired…

Today is my third day of Choir Camp. It is really a tiring camp, we are not only practising songs but we also playing games. Well, for me the most energy-consumed part is when we are doing our sectionals (in choir there are 4 sections remember? Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass). So, every sectional must learn their own melodies, then we combined together make harmony as choir. If any sectional is not familiar with their own part of melodies, the whole choir will not be able to sing the song. It is absolutely not an easy thing to do. Although all of us familiar with our own melodies and sing properly, still we need to blend our voices. That’s the interesting part to be a choir member, we are not only singing but also trying to accept others in the sense. We sing, listen to others, and delicately embrace the different voices blend with ours. Everytime a song was sang together, those weird melodies in Alto or Tenor or Bass part suddenly become so important. Those awkward melodies that once I practiced with the Alto section produced such a beautiful style of melodies. That is so amazing!

Although joining choir sometime will seem boring and rigid, I still like it up until today. 😀 And this choir camp has made it much more fun, when I have chance to meet people that I won’t meet if I never join choir. There are so many people with different backgrounds, different personality, different faces in choir and that’s make it even more fun and exciting. We learn and share our languages, our traditions, our games, and many more. Those different COLOUR doesn’t need to become one COLOUR, but remain a beautiful COLOUR instead. That’s our theme for the year, I came with that idea though.. Hope this camp will success to bond us as like the COLOUR… 🙂

What I did today :

1. Registration Unrestrictive Electives(I hope I get what I want)

2. Choir camp:

– practiced songs, so many difficult songs today…

– played bridge with Kahleong, Grace, ChonU, Rain, Tengseng, Christopher… Hahaha.., so funny I played but I didn’t even know I won the game… :p Ah, my group is group 2, all of them are just so amusing… XD

(bid bid, what to bid? I didn’t know, then Tengseng taught me how to bid. But still I didn’t understand after I played it.. hahaha…. Funny Tengseng. He kept explaining and I replied, “Uh huh… Yes..” with confused expression.. Thanks anyway.. I got it roughly.. Oh, I remembered when Christopher taught Weifen play bridge. He is amateur, he has just learned it and at the end Weifen was the one who was teaching him. Sooooo wronggg… hahahaha XD)

Love playing with them… ^^



Before performing at Alumni Night NTU… Alto only ^^