You can turn over a new leaf today, but don’t expect instant perfection right away. 

Is there something you have been noticing about yourself that you want to improve? It is admirable to want to rid yourself of bad habits, and best of all, it is always an attainable goal. The key is perseverance! Start turning over that new leaf today, but do not put too much pressure on yourself to achieve overnight perfection. It is not that simple to change. Give yourself plenty of space to stumble along the way. Pat yourself on the back as you take that step in a new direction!

Yes, that’s what it is said about my horoscope today! well, I think I must start to do according to this. The reason is because I have been thinking of this about few days ago yet never come out with any improvement… -.- haizzzz

I agree when it said about “perseverance”. It is the most crucial point if I want to change to better. Without it, every efforts will become useless. “Do it today and forgot about it tomorrow,” is always my very bad habit which is really need to be changed as well. hmm, it might be hard to change bad habits, but let’s try! hhahaa 😀

 Bad habits:

1. woke up late

2. show up late

3. take bath late

4. procrascination =.=

wahh so many late and late… THere are still so many… But this will be a small step that I want to do starting from tomorrow. Wish me luck! 🙂

Choir Camp End~

I have finished my choir camp today… It is such an exciting camp, I hope those memories will be preserved in our heart as long as it could. Because memories are not something that easy to gain and retain, I really hope we don’t waste every memories we have had together in this camp disappear as it ended today. hehehe… To mention some, we have :

1.Bridge Club… yayy!! (always excited playing bridge during the break, including me who don’t really know how to play :p)

2. Green Monkey (group of people who love green monkey and are green monkey… we like to dance! hahaha :D)

3. My angel Rayne, who I couldn’t guess until they revealed that she is my angel. Thankss ^^ also member of Bridge Club











I got the Toblerone from Rayne~ hehe… then the others I only took some from the prize for our games winner. We are Runner-up!

4. Altooo, yess I am Altoo… Cute Vanessa, quiet Yanbing, nice Grace, kind Li rong, Fern Wei, Yeewoon, Qiaoru, Jessica…

5. All members of choir who joined the camp, luv u all ^^ I have so much fun in the camp 🙂 THankss…

Yuppsss, that’s about it for today, it looks like I am going to hit the hay now…

Tomorrow plan :

1. Meeting Shilvia discuss about the part time job

2. Caroling at 2.15 p.m.

3. Clean my messy room….