Backstreet Boys song plays while I am typing in front of my computer with my MSN alert keep blinking. Yes, I am multitasking. Hohoho… Nothing special. :p

I have been going through few days exactly imitate how a pig live. I only eat, sleep, do my part time work, watch movies, then sleep again, wake up late, eat, do my part time work, watch movies….. Those have repeated in the same pattern for 4 days. :S What the hell have I done these few days? Lived like a “PIG” ohhhh…. THat’s not good :S

Well, I have finished watching “Heroes” season 1 and 2 in four days! Chehh…. What the heck? I have been wasting my time watching it but I can’t help that it is really an excellent series. Believe me, I didn’t even feel drowsy a bit. Yes, that has bad side effect for me, I only slept when the clock shows 5 a.m. in the morning. X|


It was hard to stop when I have turned on my computer and watched. I felt like I was being tied-up in front of my computer yet felt completely comfortable. Despite of my preconception that this series would not make sense, I just like it when I started to watch it. “Heroes” is the most exciting series I have ever watched, it keeps me waiting in anxiety and curiousity.

I like the character “Hiro Nakamura” most, he is just so funny and adorable. Most of the times this series doesn’t give me a time to enjoy as merely a series, but I felt like I was sucked into it and felt so insecure. However, Hiro would suddenly made some expression, gesture or anything that pulled me out from the blood curdling athmosphere. Then, I put unconscious grin on my face. 😀


 Teleport 🙂


 Imagine with this posture he said, ” I am Hiro Nakamura. I am going to save the world. I am a hero.. :D” haha he is so funny..

Ah, before I forgot I have a friend that looks like Hiro, although not exactly the same. But in the first and second glances, they looks alike! Haha.. 😀 I guess some people who know him realize that too, right? Yes, he is A Kwok, scout captain… hahaha… That’s his nickname. Kwok in Heroes? No offence yo kwok.. hahaha…

Again, “Heroes” is great series. Must Watch! *****

Are You Happy with SALE at Orchard? 

Good thing actually happened to me, SALE… hahaha.. I went to Orchard today with Elysa a.k.a sintingsia. Although we only bought one top after looking around.. waakaka XD

It is impossible to buy so easily though it really a “SALE”. The board read “SALE UP TO 50%” hence the price still so expensive. I don’t know exactly how those people can feel so happy about “SALE” at Orchard.  

Anyway, I have finished watching “Heroes” which means no more distraction. I have to get back to my right path… God please bless me… ** Healthy lifestyle, balanced lifestyle please….. Thanks 🙂

I will be going back to Medan, Indonesia this Sunday noon. I need to start packing my stuffs from tomorrow.

So, how’s your hols? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do. ^^ Have a great hols! ^^