Currently in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia.

Well, I haven’t been posting anything since I left Singapore for my hometown. I can assure you that nothing special has happened for these few days. I am still lazing every moments here. Sometimes, I feel like I am so useless staying here without doing anything productive. Few days ago, I planned to take some course for me to help myself being a better personality person yet unfortunately the course will last for 2 months. Beh! So dissapointing to know that I have no more than 2 weeks to go back Singapore bringing nothing better in myself.

Despite my unproductive days, actually I believe I have learnt bits from people I haven’t encounter for long time. I believe I always learn something enriching, either from my own days or from other people advice or simply chatter.

I have thought of simple set of resolutions for myself considering we will past this year 2007 within weeks. There are too many things that I have been missing, my past or my dream when I was a children and the future I am looking forward. Those things was forgotten as I take my days as granted. Many of us think that we won’t be able to pursue our dreams, but that is nothing but hopeless. With hope, and of course with courage will draw nothing but possible. Hoping for everything will turn out as expected, or more than that.

 What did I do these days?

~ Practice “Marriage de Amour”, “Brightness” and some other songs with my sist’s assistance…

~ SHopping 😀

~ Celebrate Dad’s Bday ^^ (today)

~ Karaoke…

Tomorrow will be going beach with EG2ers =)


Live life to the fullest!