This is not about Linkin Park hits, Numb… But… 

Sat in front of computer, moved the mouse and clicked on the address tab in IE. I was still chatting with my friend(elysa) n my sister in MSN waiting for the address that I have typed to load. Wait and wait, filled in the blanks and then another cliks…

The webpage finished loading, I scrolled down slowly and kept myself staying calm. Although I know my heart was still pumping quite fast, I pretended as still as possible. My eyes couldn’t stop looking for something important in that page. Stopped… I felt my body bending towards my keyboard with hope that I could see something different from that webpage. Yet, that’s all I can see… My results for this semester is out. It’s really desperately bad. Every subjects I have confidence in didn’t turn out to give good results. Shortly, my results showed nothing that can injects joyous to my holiday mood. My situation is completely devastated.

Numb with what I have seen in that webpage.

Completely Numb…

Anyway, that’s all I can write about. Ask me any Courage left? :\