Yerrr…… SO boring……

Shinnosuke 2, originally uploaded by *SteveH.

School has started, but there were just introduction to the courses and I am still waiting to change the Science course that I am taking at this moment. Really don’t feel like studying those mechanical operation inside digital computer, tv, camera etc. Not to say it is quite tedious for me, but also it is just not my cup of tea.

It has been a while since my last post in this blog. Well, the primary reason is because I have nothing to write about. Nothing exciting, nothing stressed me out, nothing at all. Time is just flowing fine (at least up until now, nothing SO bad happened). Other problem is that I am just too lazy to think about something to write about at this moment.

Small problems did appear exactly in front of me, that I couldn’t escape from. But, at least I didn’t feel bother about those disturbance. Yeah, bad timing of taking STS subject, my shoes’ flower ornament just perished, even without me realizing.. friend of mine has gone to HK too… huhu,.. quite sad… Hmm, so what I have to say now? 

Right now, I feel so boring that I can sense my whole body just too heavy to move around. Geezz… It becomes more and more make me feel terribly tired. Do nothing also makes me feel tired… Haizz… (lots of workload = tired, no workload = bored = tired 😦 )

Anyway, I got to go now…