Hey guys, hahaha….

Yohoo… I Am Back!

Yes, welcome back… It’s been a long time since I wrote something in my blog. Well, the reasons maybe I am too lazy to write, but partly I don’t think I have anything I can talk about here.

Since I think there is still a necessity for me to make this blog an active one, I decided to write some special news today. *grin*

I begin my day with participating in IG (international games) scrabble in the morning. I woke up quite early, but I slept again and woke up again around 9.30. I have to go to SRC (student recreation centre) where the scrabble games will be conducted. But, before that I went to canteen to meet up with the scrabble team from Indonesia.

I am actually not a scrabble expert, and to tell you the truth, I didn’t really know how to  play srabble. There are just around 3 times training before today. And as expected, for the first match with India team I wasn’t playing. I was walking around and observing how people play. So, all in all I was simply wandering in that room. hahaha… Anyway, we won from India, score 5-0. 😀

Second match, I was supposed to play with the Vietnam team. However, they have not enough people to play that we won the second match without playing. hahaha… I have just received email from the captain that I will be playing next week and will meet Union team as the opponent. (Union team composed of any nationality who has only small number of people in NTU. For instance, Sri Lanka, Japan, America, and mostly exchanged student)

After I returned to my room, I started to play online scrabble and I still lost for like 3 times in a row.. huhu… I really need to play more… Anyway, I will try to play when I have time. hehe 🙂  I hope that I won’t disappoint my team. Yup, that’s all about scrabble.. 😀

SO, move on…

Indonesia in a Grief?



Picture source: BBC

I have one news and I bet all of you also have known about it. Soeharto, Indonesian ex-president passed away around 1.10 p.m (local time) due to multiple organ failure for the second time. There will be half-staff flags for 7 days throughout the country.

After hearing this news, I didn’t really feel shock since it has been a long time he was hospitalized. That’s quite a big loss for Indonesia I predicts. There reason is because in my opinion, he had been a competent and reliable president for Indonesia. It’s just that he has developed some kind of racism atmosphere during his governance. I remembered during his regime, people were not allowed to study Chinese language. Moreover, there were always kind of society tension between Chinese-Indonesians and indigenous Indonesians. Although this tension has been loosening years after that, but some still being affected by the remaining tension. In some degree Indonesia has become better in a way that Chinese language learning are allowed since then. Many people thought that is a good sign of being a solid country, but before the resignation Soeharto in 1998 there was scars left behind.

Anyway, that’s just about it. I am not a politician so i don’t really understand what happened during that period. What I really remembered is that Soeharto had have been a great president for Indonesia regardless his mistakes and inappropriate demeanor that some people claimed. Thus, Indonesia has loss someone who is once has been a great leader for the country. That’s how I would still pay a respect to him. He has passed away, most of us are in grief, I believe.