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Ignore this post! 

I just want to rant rant rant rant!!!! So angry!!!! huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh… Damn!


Whatt???? Sounds like you are right and I am wrong??? Whatever! I’ve done nothing, but it seems like I am the one who is wrong about the whole thing… Great, just blame on me…. You are great at blaming people! Thanksss a lot! Yeahh, as in I am the one who should  scolded ya, but now I am being scolded! THANKS hor…. (bagus, balasan yg bagus.. chehhh)



Pastinya juga klo di baca jg ga bkln ngerti.. haha jd ga usah di baca dhe… then, just ignore this post since I just want to write sth yet I don’t want any of u understand it… 🙂

*maisioa necelahsem uauda adajala nnyakloe mankbegitum abeg itul ohc uman ekiajakloex pecta tioni sjustn ott heone Isho uldh ave…cumab ak alsi asial ahmi kirmi kir… sobia rinaja maok ekancua*


How can I hide my sorrow?
The place I lost you
The scent of your hair
Scatters hastily
I already cannot follow it

Close my eyes
I can still see
The vestige of when you left
Under the moonlight
Always been searching for
That figure that I miss

If you said that break up is the starting point of pain
Then before the finish line
I am willing to love again
Want to say to you
The love I dare not say
Will there be someone who understands?

I will be staring blankly
Then forget you

Shortly after that I will tightly close my eyes
Thinking of which day
When there will be someone to be in your place
To make me not think about you anymore

I will be staring blankly
Then smile
Shortly after that I will tightly close my eyes
Think about it again
Your gentle face
Before I forget

The tears in my heart
Obscures my visual line
Soon you already cannot be seen

Meaning of Life~

There are so many meaning of someone's life. Those meanings though are hard to understand and detected, people still searching for the meanings. I know that my life will only meaningful, when I realized the meaning of my life. Until then, I am still a wanderer in this one and only life. I won't feel sad even I still blur and have no clue about what my life will be. "All things happen for reason(s)" will be in my dictionary forever. And because of reason(s) that I will still live on and smile. :)

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