Hi guys,

This is gonna be a very straight forward post… coz I feel v sleepy today, I feel like flying very unstably.

I am going to sleep soon, but I just feel like writing about what had happened today. Yeahh…I have quite an interesting and fun day! 😀

*All the names are my choir mates. If you dun understand then…. just try to understand…haha 😀


ard 6 a.m. wake up coz of alarm, then go back sleep

7.20 a.m. wake up again coz of my alarm, but i still feel so sleepy. End up sleeping in sitting position.

8.10 a.m. wake up coz of my another alarm, then I sms my friend and ask what time they go for choir performance. Waiting for a while for reply… No one replies, I fall asleep again… =.=

8.30 a.m. I received replied from my friend, so I REALLY wake up. Then rushing to get ready…

After that I reached Vivo City around 10.40 a.m., and it’s damn hot day! As predicted, the choir hasn’t started their test mic yet. (At that time, they supposed to have had test mic session. So, I was not that late right? :P)

Later on, we performed at the roof top of Vivo City in the AFTH events (Arts From The Hearts). It was an event for fund raising organized by the NTU CAC(Cultural Activities Club).

Anyway, that’s not the interesting part to talk about.. hahaha…

The interesting part is that I decided to go Bugis to pray at Kwan Im temple. So, I went there with Tom, Septian, Namyo, Davin and KaiWei. (anyone being leftout?? ) The point is that we all going to Bugis, but we have different location to go. So, we separated when we reached Bugis. Kaiwei who initially thought of going home, went to the temple with me and Davin. HAHAHA! Kaiwei, you’re being persuaded to play than to study for ur CA huh?  😛

 Then, we just walked to Bugis Junction. It’s really tiring to walk all over Bugis Junction to find the shoes I want. But, something very interesting actually happened. Gerald, Chingyuan and Alicia(choir mates) who are in a group saw us from the bus they were taking. Then, one of them called up Davin and we met up. Later on, coincidentally we met another choir mate, Tengseng… hahaha… He didn’t join us as group coz he was with his cousin. But anyway, we met another choir mates when we wandered around to find shoes shop. haha… That’s so coincidence right?? How come so many people prefer Bugis than Vivo City? hohoho…

Well, today is super tiring day. But we have so much so much fun… 😀

That’s why I still like choir though sometimes I think of quiting it…

Ching yuan being gossiped all the way with Alicia. Gerald played ard with Ching yuan (poor Ching yuan… hahaha). Played “GIRL/ GUY” indicators.. (look elbow, look ceiling.. that’s started by Kaiwei) Then, we also played ard most of the shops there.. hahaha tried on something then went off.. 😛

I also bought a new shoes today!


Q: Why do you buy shoes? For CNY?

A: Nope… I need to buy shoes becoz I have two shoes which I lost the left shoes’s ornament! (+_+)!!

 It is quite expensive although with very simple ordinary design.. but, okay. I kinda like it and it’s comfortable to wear 🙂

So, that’s about it today! I spent 12 hours in the town and I tortured my feets in heels.

huahuahua… after all, I still write such a longggg post! =P


“Scrabble” mood *on*