YEahhhhh!!!! songI’ve just watched and still watching Jay’s World Tours Concert in Taipei. Hmm although watched from DVD, I still find it was a really good concert!! hahahaha 😀 So many surprises in the concert!! Wilber was there….. whoaaa….. =D

It really reminds me of the concert in Singapore that I didn’t manage to get the tix. huhuhuhu,.,, Though I have recovered from my disappointment, now it haunted me again coz of this DVD…..  yessss, which means he performed really well in this World Tour Concert (Taipei). Even the “牛仔很忙”which I don’t really like, he performed it and become so cute and adorably. YOU SHOULD BUY AND WATCH!! XD

But, of course it will be FANTASTIC ever, if I have had watched it LIVE.. 😀

Jay is completely my favourites, my idol! songHe has improved so much from his first concert, his first performance years back then. Not only the many many songs he wrote and sang, his piano playing, his dancing – STUNNING – but also his talent in movies directing and acting are EXCELLENT as well. Up until today, no one can beat him as my favs idol. 

When did I begin to like him that much? It was when I was listening to radio and the DJ was playing his song “世界末日”. I just love that song and voice so much and ask around about him. hehe…

He is my first idol and still my the first place idol for me 🙂 Looking for the day I can be in his CONCERT VIP SEAT…. hahaha XD when will it be?

So, here some print screen of the Concert! 🙂 Enjoy….


jay piano


Piano Battle~










加油 周杰伦!杰伦、がんばってね!!:D

Fyi: I blogged this for more than 2 hours… capture the pic is quite difficult.. haha 😀 Anyway, enjoy! 


in good mood becoz of Jay