Hi guys,…

Well, although this might seems too late to discuss, but I think I will still write about it. 🙂

Hmm, what did I do in that day?

Not much activity that I did that day, I couldn’t recall what I did exactly.haha.. I thought I must be doing my photomontage assignment until 4.30 am, yes.. and woke up around 7.30… Yet, the result was still not as what I expect to be. 😦

Anyway, that day I went to “Valenwine”, it’s kind of wine sampling event which held in NTU. I was really excited to try wine since I haven’t try to sip or even smell alcohol. That’s just because I am not an alcoholic and absolutely alcoholic phobia.

I went there with Elvi, and we tried out the first wine when we actually came across Mr. Lok Tat Seng. Yes, he is the Dean of Student at NTU, a friendly, humble and interesting man. 🙂 So, we talked for a while and then, Elvi and I went on to other booths ask for another wine samples… THat’s my first wine tasting and I suddenly can drink so much! I even crave for more when I drink the second sip… ?? hahaha.. That day is absolutely makes me feel so HIGH! I keep laughing and laughing, don’t even know what I am laughing at. Ah, there’s lucky draw,, but as usual I am not that lucky to get one prize.. huhuhuhu 😦

Apart from this, there’s something happened at the night. I really didn’t expect it. 

(Thanks so much… however, I feel so sorry and still want to apologize again(if you are reading) if I have done or said something wrong to you. 😦 I am deeply apologize. That’s all I can do. I wish the best for you, friend… )

Happy Valentine’s Day!