Hi guys,….

Oh no, suddenly I feel so nervous. Yesterday, I doesn’t feel any anxiety and I just feel so comfortable. However today… I feel very very unstable. Perhaps one more hour I will have to go for the Minor in Entrepreneurship interview. Everyone told me that it will be just alright, but I still can feel my heart is so afraid to go there. Erm, I have no proper preparation since no one can help me with the mock interview, so I just practice by myself. …. huhu… come on time, please move faster so that I can just go there, have my interview done and that’s it… I don’t like waiting…

 Hope that my interview will go smoothly and I can demistify everything inside my head. Translate those into understandable simple verbal communication.. hahaha.. Well, that’s about it… So scared!!! huhuu…

Wish me luck, guys! 🙂



shivering inside