Hey, guys… Yeap, I think it has been quite a while for me to post about my life currently…

As the title said, what I will share with you all here is quite late to post now, but it’s better than never.. 🙂 (that’s quote from my friend Coby)

So, today is what day?? Sunday. Right. Our choir concert is on what day? Friday. You’re right. hahaha.. it’s been quite a while but I haven’t had time to post anything about it. But, now I will… 🙂

Friday, 29 February 2008 at Victoria Concert Hall

That day I woke up quite late again, ahh 5 alarms just doesn’t work to wake me up anymore… I was so shocked when I woke up that day, that I left my toes left w/o nail polish which was weird since I painted my finger nails bright pink.. hahaha.. So, I decided to just applied some polish quickie.. (the result is not that bad though)

Well, then all of us were gathering at Can 2 to have lunch together.. We were trying to sing some songs with 1 alto, 1 soprano, 2 bass and 1 tenor.. hahaha.. It didn’t really sound right though.. but I really enjoyed it.. hehe ^^ especially the Philippines’ song “Pasigin”… Very NICE SONG!!

We went to the concert hall by bus, but there were so many people in the bus.. Unexpectedly, I guess. So, some of us share seats.. 🙂 Arrived at VCH at 1 plus… Rehearsal for hours, dinner and … yeapp, our concert was just about to begin. That day was extremely fast pace, I didn’t even realize that we have been rehearsed for hours. Before that there should be photo taking with our first half costumes, but I was in the toilet, hence I wouldn’t be in the photo.. huhuhu.. *sob*


I felt that I really enjoyed the FIRST HALF part to compare with the concert last year. Perhaps, all the pressure has gone away when we rehearsed. I was quite relaxed and enjoyed the melodies of the first half songs, the rapping, the harmony, the intensity, the athmosphere… hahaha I never enjoyed singing first half songs that much.. 😀 (although our conductor told us that we gone sharp in some songs and we rushed on some parts :p)

And, the most exciting part was for sure the SECOND HALF… 😀 I was so amazed since there are so many people sitting in front rows are people I know. Felt so nervous, but I enjoyed performing in front of all the audiences. I am sure that everyone also enjoyed the SECOND HALF as much as I did! It was a really fun pieces of musical. I love the songs and I love the Alto’s part (you know, usu Alto’s melodies are sucks.. haha) but, this time I could hear we created the harmony. The dancing part also very tiring, but extremely fantastic since it was the time to show our many many times practices on the real stage. 😀 (although we knew we still lack of technique in singing while dancing, we have tried our best and still trying to improve I believe..)

After the concert itself, there’s a little sadness since everything has to be over again. Nothing lasts forever, I know… But, when we have tried to fit in and love the whole experiences, we have to say goodbye… It was kinda pity that sometimes I felt so tired and want to quit choir. I should have enjoyed the whole process. But, I am sure that everyone has every moments stored in their mind after the concert. Every moments of practices seems like being played back inside the head, every melodies seemed like being hummed inside the heart. Every sad or happy memories will complete the puzzled of choir picture. As a group, as a Choir, as friendships… There’s nothing perfect in this world, so do choir, so do WE.

I hope everyone who went to the concert has experienced something that makes you feel amazed and cheerful! 🙂

=Viva Voce 2008=