Staring at my lappie and start thinking of what I am supposed to do in front of it. Well, finally I decided to just browse internet and chat. I should do my layout assignment during this 3 hours break before my Japanese class, but I am just too lazy to start thinking about it. hahahhaa… I will do it tonight and finish by today! MUST!  Deadline is this Saturday… XD *can’t think of any other response*

Basically, I have quite lots of things to be done. I have to do 2 big projects and 2 assignments before my exam coming. Haizzz, somemore I must spare time for me to read COM206 reading + MB214 lah… Sucks, I can’t SU any of them (SU= declare that the subject will be assessed as pass or fail)…

Anyway, talk about the weather here, it almost rain everyday in singapore these weeks… (yesterday even worse, it was pouring =.=) So, all my clothes are still hanging without any indication that they are ready to be kept inside. Raining and raining, boring boring….

Talking about boring, I still feel that spore is a boring place, there’s nothing much that I can do here… Like what people can do here is only clubbing, shopping, studying, rushing… haizzz… Boring place… Hm, probably I haven’t got the chance to really go and travel around Singapore since I first came here. Erm, but is there any places REALLY interesting here? I doubt it 😐

Alrighty, that’s about today… I need to go now…