THat’s about me! Definitely not talking about my friends or other people. Yes, I am so dumb!

See, I stayed up until 4 a.m yesterday… eh, no. It’s two days ago as today I also stayed up until 2 a.m. while I am recording my stupidity in this blog…

What stupid things did I do?

1. I did layout for 3 days and I just finished it today! Oh well, I still need to add in some stuff tmr 😦

2. But because of that, I totally forgot about the 25% quiz for “Digital Lifestyle” tomorrow!!!!!!!

3. The layout project is group project, but I was just doing too much! Damn tiring n my eyes gonna blew up soon! I should have thought that this will be that troublesome to layout 16 pages of magazine…. =.= To add more on my stupidity element is that this project is group-based assessed and it’s 20% (worth less than my quiz tmr which I haven’t touched single lecture notes!)

Well, I have to learn from my mistakes, everyone is learning… But, this is just crazy to be so stupid…

No one cares I know…. this is just for my journal as to remind me how stupid I am…

 I am just going to be so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tired, eyes are deteriorating staring at this inhuman project, body was stoned in the chair for hoursss.


rhynchan~ goin sleep, hope I can get up early tmr to study for my quiz…hikss 😥