There was once I thought that myself understand most of the things happening here, or at least I know part of them. I looked more optimistic than usual, I felt more comfortable than yesterday.

Just then, everything mixed up again… I can’t see them as a whole then try to assess or take control of them. They are just confusing again. Like those puzzle that once seemed to be complete from far sight. When it stays only inches away from my eyes, it started to showed me that it is incomplete. Thus just illusion of its complete piece from far.

It always looks like a blur line at the end…  I can’t take a scissors and cut it since I’m scared of cutting the wrong string once more. Regret.


I gaze once more over my shoulder before I left, see whether there is a way to understand it. No.

Stop, I have no clues…  I thought that it is a complete beautiful puzzle, not after I got near it and realized.. No.

I have no clues, still… not until I can get close to it and take a careful look at it…

Now, still no clues…



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