How I wish to live as a child again…

who only knows the feeling of happy and sad,
who gives heart and love innocently without afraid of betrayals,
who only knows being loved or not explicitly,

A child…

who lives life as freely and cheerfully whatever may happen,
who only knows that the tales in story book is real,
who has simple little dreams to believe on wholeheartedly,

who only knows how to make mom n dad happy with only a cute bright smile in the face,
who plays any game unconcernedly of the result,
who doesn’t know how to hide or manipulate any feeling…

A child who has no worries but waking up everyday with excitement,
A child who has no complicated thoughts,
A child who has no jealousy or hatred,
even those children who have nothing but life
still living like angels who brighten up adults hectic life.


Who I wish to be, again…


How I wish to be like a child…