Hahha… I am going crazy finding a job only ONE job for this vacation………

This is the story…

Since two weeks ago, during my exam period I have been searching for job, part-time job, or any internship. I sent email to my lecturer for an internship, and he asked me to wait when he searched around for me. It has been one week and there is no news from him. (I guess he just give up like me). I tried WSS, jobstreet, kellyservices, jobseeker, and whatever websites available for job hunting. I couldn’t find anyyyy….. either they need people to commit at least 3 months or they only need Singaporean or PR… huhuhu..

I applied to work in my hall office, but there is no response. So, this morning I went there and asked whether the position was still available, yet they said it has been filled. well, then I tried to send resume to some other websites and careermall from NTU website. Yeahh, so still waiting for any interview or call from them.. I need work to be here for 1 month, if not I will be like stupid girl who only wake up and then go for choir practices then waiting for the days to pass….. After that, I will have to spend money in Czech which I think won’t be so much but still…..  =.=

Yeah, anywayyy I MUST GOT a JOB… Desperately*