Yeahh, so today I went to Bugis and then Orchard… Sooo, it was a really hot day…

Then after ate our dinner with Elysa n her fams, me and Dewi decided to go Cine becoz she needed to find soft toy for her sister. We entered this shop called “M T W”. It sells a lot a lot a lot of soft toysssss!!!!

Suddenly, I was so excited and overjoyed!!! XDXDXD

Why? what made me surprised was my little cute Piglet( you know Pooh’s best friend??? ) was there!

A lot of them were staring at me!!! wohooooooo….. I really felt like buying one of them, then took one of the mini type,…. It was so softttt and so cuteeeeee… oh no, I almost bought it yet I stopped myself. Why? Why? Coz I need to saveeeeee huhuhuhu.. (it really not worthed for a small mini toy like that actually.. but but… ) sad sad, I haven’t found job yet and decided to save until I got a job. Well, actually I have spent quite a lot yesterday and tomorrow. Even I bought most “fundamental” things that necessary to buy, like food, snacks, and trash bin (I have waited for 2 years until I bought it today hahahhaha :D).

Yeahhhhhh, so come back to the piglet… I promise… Piglet, I will come back one day and pick you up… hahahahha *longing for it since 2 months ago* well, I know I am not a kid anymore, I shouldn’t have this kind of irresistible feeling to buy plush like this. But, Piglet is just too cuteeee… =)))) *grin*
I felt in love with it since the first time I saw it when I was a child.. I even longing to have it becoz I saw it sat at the top of my friend’s roommate’s bed…. hahahahaha… well sounds stupid.. lallala…

It looks cuter than this if you can touch it.. wkwkwkw.. :p

Mini piglet


I promise to buy you.. my tiny piglett ^^