What makes me think that camera has this characteristic? Why I said that it is special?

Hmm, well coz maybe I like camera so muchh hahahha.. though I still don’t really know how to capture a good picture, but I’d love to learn! 🙂
You know, sometimes things we can see different things through the lens.. If you don’t believe me just try it someday.. When you are walking or travelling or just hanging out with friends.. Capture those moments… Look through the camera carefully… You will suddenly realize so many things you never realize before…

You see those scenery clearly, with your friends posing animately, they are smiling happily or even when some probably looks not enjoying taking picture, some looks so beautiful than before, some looks bored and many many things that you never notice before.. You will suddenly see a lot of things.. hahaha.. Well, you may say I am crapping.. But, you can try and proof what I said!

Look through the lens, I see infinite love I never notice before 🙂