Hi there! How are you all guys? Have fun during your hols? :DDDD

Oh well, actually I have found a part time job inside NTU at the Office of Admission. I work as student assistant in the front counter mainly dealing with assisting student for the documents they need to submit, duplicate transcripts, matric card etc. The job was quite alright though a little bit boring for my character.. hahaha 😀 I prefer a job which give more challenges or more adventurous hohoho like dealing with mentally sick people, climb mountain? hahaha.. Even the job is quite boring I have to say I am quite happy about it, since the people in-charge are not so bad, they are still helpful and patient. Hmm, let alone that they are a little bit unfeeling when they talked to the student who came for enquires (sometimes the student just like to argue that they are right, or sometimes foreign students just come and ask for something-we-don’t even understand, language barrier). Anyway, probably that’s why they need me or other student assistants to talk with the students. That day was going well except being replied in harsh manner while I was asking to the same person for many times :p she replied ” I am so busy, find other people okay!” Yeah, I was shocked but then I took it as a “challenge” for me to face.

Apart from working part-time in NTU, I still seeking for another part-time since I still have quite a lot of time slacking around. Today, the mother of my friend’s tuition kid contacted me requested for her another kid’s tuition. The kid is in primary 5 and I will teach him English and Maths. I have agreed to take this tuition, yet suddenly I feel so scared of teaching. Firstly, because it has been a long time since last time I taught Mandarin class in private school. Some more, I never taught someone in “English” except explaining something to my friends (which is seldom). I have only taught in “Chinese” in my second year high school. Now, you ask me to talk in Mandarin, I will have my tongue slipped in every words I spelled out. hahahha 😀

The other reason that I feel uncertain in teaching again is because I feel my “logical intelligence” has dropped a lot in quality since the last time I took entrance exam for NTU. Wew, Can I still think logically in numerical smartly? huhu,… need to go back and grab some text book tomorrow.

Ahh last thing, I am being offered internship in a local publishing company (although not being guarantee I will be their intern) in layout department! whoooo, I really hope that I can take it… huhuhu… However, I have no choice but to wait for the reply whether they will accept part-timer instead of full-time intern since I have do a part-time and also have choir practices…

well, just wait and see.. 🙂 hope I can get the best job, get the best experience, meet the best new people, and give the best of me during this hols!

So, how about you? Is there anything interesting have happened up until now?^^


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