Huzzzahhhhh… tired tired tired..

tomorrow is 17th May 2008, which means almost one month of my holiday has passed. Everyday is just so tiring, I haven’t even successfully redecorate my room and clean old stuffs or packed used books and notes. I feel that my vacation is not my free time at all. I busies myself more during this vacation than during my academic term.

This week one deadline and long list of to-do-list which I only completed 2 or 3 everyday. I found that this vacation is actually quite fun since I am doing something over my limit so not to waste my time slacking around. However, I also want my free timeeeeee I want to watch movies, dramas, or going for holidaysssss! huzzzahhh.. so demanding, huh? When mid June came, I will be more stressful with my special semester, marketing.

However busy I felt, I still want to find a job. Part-time job that can save my lifetime money savings in the bank.

Oh, tomorrow there is Vesak Day event in school in the morning until afternoon, then I will have another meeting again. Sunday, there will be my first day teaching primary 5 boy as private tutor. hahaha.. All the best luck and best spirit shower me! hahahaha..