NB: Sorry this post is SUPER LONG.. It may contains more personalized and some religious oriented content. However, if you remember the post about Purpose of Life, it is quite relevant to that. hahaha it is super super longg, for those have spare time to read, you should bear with it k? :DDDD

As you all might know that today is Vesak Day. It is the day where all the Buddhists commemorate the 3 significance events which took place, corresponding to the three watches or periods of the night : the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Gautama Buddha. (as some might still know or remember).

I almost forgot what those three events are when I went to the temple this morning. I only recalled 2 of them, until my friend told me the correct complete events that happened 2500 years back.

That I hardly remember those events and merely went to the temple with some feeling of ignorance, for me is such a remorse. I felt ashamed of myself. Then I asked myself, what I am doing in that temple, common practices like praying then what? Okay Buddha bathing.. then what? I am just doing those without any consciousness and mindfulness of what exactly the meaning of those.

This made me looked back when I was still a kid in primary school and the teaching of Buddha was first introduced to us. However, if I remembered correctly that most of the times we are taught to memorize those teachings without fully understand the significance behind everything. Probably they assumed we as a kid will be hard to comprehend those teachings. So, I was being left with very patchy information about everything.

In my process of growing up as a young adult, I received quite some knowledge about religious from observing my friends, listening to teachers, and people who are reliable to give out credible information. I learned now the meaning of each practices that we do in Vesak Day and ordinary days. Why do we burn incense? Why do we light up candle? I read about it and it makes more sense now than before. At least I will know next time when I offer flowers in the altar is not just to make it looks beautiful.

The flowers which are offered at the shrine are fresh, fragrant and beautiful at the time when they are placed before an image but will soon become withered, scentless and discoloured. The offering of flowers reminds the Buddhist of the impermanence of things, an important teaching of the Buddha.

Although I still found it difficult to understand the nature of human life and continually compare and contrast different religions. At the end of the day, I can’t find an easy answer to my very question: The purpose of life.

If you asked me when I began to ask this question yesterday, I would say that I didn’t even know. But, today when I read through and googled information about Vesak Day (which I feel like knowing so little about it) I realized the reason when and why I keep asking this question.

This question is exactly everyone will ask (I am sure you do).

When? Since the first time I acknowledged the impermanence of everything in our lives, some time back when I was in my last year of high school.


That day was my last day in school, laughing and chatting around, taking lots lots of pictures together with my close friends, classmates and teachers. I remembered the atmosphere in the class that day was so happening and cheering. I assumed that morning everyone were too excited about taking pictures and running around the school to greet those friends who were going to study abroad, that no one realized today, 2 years after that, some people might have lost contact with those they were taking picture with, those they hugged with, those they played with, or even those they talked with all the time. Where is the best time then? when we were still classmates and we were still together? After that…?

That day I was so sad and cried together will some of my close friends. We were too happy for those days we have spent together in class, every moments that we have spent seemed to make us felt so hard to leave. Now, I admit that we will not be the same anymore. When can we ever meet again and spent time like that? Okay, let say in reunion, one day, two days? After that?

We are too satisfied and too naive that we forgot there’s a lot of things we can’t control in our lives. Their (other people) time, decision, schedule, place can separate us and those satisfaction will never be able to always be there for us.

Everything will slowly change, some cease some start, some dulled some sparks…

No matter how hard u try to preserve it, it will always left you with either scar or memory…

Packages, I called it.

Well, I begin to sound pessimistic again. But, what the point I want to make here is that life is not something that we have to regret or confuse about. We will always know happy n sad as a package, know love and hatred as a package, know loyalty and betrayal as a package. We see beautiful and ugly as a package, see dark and bright as a package. Only when we are mindful that those things are subject to change, we will feel happy about everything. But that is not the end of the story…

Remember that happy come as package with sad.

There is Four Noble Truth, the heart of the Teachings of the Buddha I have read which I found so related to my state condition until today.

Our life or the whole process of living is seen as a flux of energy comprising of the Five aggregates, namely the Aggregate of Form or the Physical process, Feeling, Perception, Mental Formation, and Consciousness. … are constantly in a state of flux or change.


When we become aware of the unsatisfactory nature of life, we would naturally want to get out from such a state. …we begin to seriously question ourselves about the meaning and purpose of life. This will lead us to seek the Truth with regards to the true nature of existence and the knowledge to overcome unsatisfactoriness.

… therefore, the purpose of life is to put an end to suffering and all other forms of unsatisfactoriness – to realise peace and real happiness. Such is the significance of the understanding and the realisation of the First Noble Truth.

It is still a long story to go… But at least today, more or less I begin to understood that there is no need to feel lonely or sad when my family is far away from me, when I walk back to hall alone, no one accompany me going somewhere, or I haven’t found someone that always be there for me. Because everything is revolving like a wheel, you can’t expect to be always at the top of the wheel if you want to walk this life.

Treasure your life and when you got time, start to think about how to sail it…

I haven’t go on to the second stage of Noble truth since I found it too chim for me to applied.. haha.. I am not prepared to take that big step. I will take a little baby step may lead me the right way anyway… Maybe I will understand and applied those 4 Noble Truth by the time I am 70s… hehe.. 🙂 (OMG, Do I sounds like I am going to be Bhikhunni? No lah hor.. still acceptable.. :D)

Happy Vesak Day! 😀

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