” All things happen for reasons”, this quote has been my guide since I read it from someone’s blog. And I promise myself to believe on it whenever I face troubles.

Today is a long day for me since I was working part-time and need to stand for whole day. After this long day, I returned to my hall and checked my email. As expected, there was no reply from them. However I wish that miracle may come and save me again, I see no hope. For that, I keep convincing myself that everything must be happen for reasons and what I need to do now is to learn from “reasons”. When those reasons will show up and I can learn from them?

In the end, I found myself blaming my own self for what have not been done because of my own decision. I had not tried hard enough probably or I was not dare enough to try my best. Even today, I still see myself have not done the best. I wonder whether these are all lessons for me to learn that wait not for the reasons to pop up. Instead, I should go out there and find and fight for my reasons.

Now, I can’t see clearly my way, there are too many things obstruct the way and those have made me wondering in the same place without moving forward to my destination…

rhyn~ とても つかれました。。