I feel so dizzy since this morning when I woke up.

Arghhhhh…… I may possibly don’t get room to stay next year in NTU. What should I do now?? So stressed, not only my head is dizzy, the whole things happen just too much to handle. Intensive choir practices, will be living Singapore for competition on Monday midnight. One week competition will be a lot more stressed than this. Moreover, I haven’t secured my room. Oh shit, still need to prepare for my tuition kid, I really needs a lot of gut to teach him. How can I take him from the FAIL position? 😦

Many things to do and think about:

1. Film script, photo board :((((

2. Packing everything to Olomouc

3. Settle my tuition kid for this week

4. Choir practices

5. Begging Fighting for a room to stay

6. Part time

Argh these are just simply mad!!! My head gonna explode soon with this migraine.

=.= when will this over? after these whole things, there you go.. Special term 2… :(((((

rhyn~ wanna bang my head to the hardest wall!