Hey guys, sorry for this title post but it is true for me..

I remembered, yesterday I watched Connie Calbot’s performance in youtube, a little girl who sing incredible great and become famous just in one performance in Britain’s Got Talent show. I kept thinking she is really born with such a great talent and such an adorable attitude. What else does she need?

Then today, after exhausted thinking about the room appeals, which results in nothing. I got to watch this video coz I was wondering whether Connie Calbot’s win the competition. Hence, she didn’t but he did, Paul Potts. U must watch this! So shocking and unbelievably stunning voice he has… 😀 This cheers me up a little, great 🙂 It is the story behind this man.

He really gives me goosebumps throughout the videos… :’)


I’ve gotta be strong n fight again