Today is perfect… 🙂 Though there are some problems facing me at this moment, but I feel just incredibly happy :DDD

My mom and younger sis came and stayed with me yesterday night kya2… :DDD In the morning, we woke up and then I went settled my subject registrations, which still on hold. Anyway, I have written in to them and wait for the reply.

Then, we went out together to the hospital for my younger sis’s check up on her eye. The reason is because we were not sure whether without cornea transplant her eye will be alright. And good news is it will be just okay, we can just leave the eye per normal and wait till we really think that we need cornea transplant for her. 🙂 My mom also did check up for her v dried eyes. The doctor said it is quite normal to have dried eyes and there are nothing serious to worry about. Good!

After a long way from the hospital, we finally reached Bugis. As usual, we went to the shopping centre and shopped some stuffs. Then, I let myself going through make over from B*******. Since we made purchasing enough from there, we got it for free. The result of my make over? hahahha… well, quite shocking. Very black smokey eyes I had, not too bad though. It just makes me look a bit “scary” than usual. hahahaha.. but i kinda like it 🙂

Moved on, we strolled through some shops, we decided to go inside C n K. There, while we were busying searching and trying the shoes, I saw this very slim tall pretty woman… OMG she was so tall and looks like model. My sis told me that she looks so gorgeous, n yeahh she did look gorgeous. But not after I found out that she is not actually a “she” but a “he”! OMG! What was happening in this world?? She oops, he is so beautiful and looks great. I found out that she is not “she” when she started to talked to the shop assistant for help. aaaaaaaaaa….. I was so shocked, I told my sis and she didn’t believe me at first. We kept wondering in the shop and came close to where she stood. She started to talked and my sis gave me her will0-never-believe-looks. hahahha, it was actually quite shocking but my respond was “That is normal, you don’t remember about the Thailand beauty contest meh?” HMM.. that’s true… i just suddenly can’t believe myself seeing one. I have no offense about this, just that I can’t believe what I saw.. That’s it.. It was just unbelievable amazing fact.

Enough said about that, move on. We went to C J*** and let my mom tried the famous XiaoLongBao. We ordered some other snacks too. The air-con inside was just far too cold for me. But, it’s okay we were there together enjoyed our high tea 🙂

What else did we do? Oh, I bought a watch which I have told my mom to buy it for me since I was like about 10 years old..? hahahaha yayyy… (not the same design though) THanks MOM! luv ya… :DDD

Went to food court, too tired walking for hours we just sat down and rest our feet first. Then, we had dinner from pepper lunch express chicken rice for me n my mom, vegetarian kwe tiau for my sis… Nice food… Great moment…

Everything is so great today apart from other things that may probably bother everyone of us, my mom, sis of myself. We didn’t want to think about it today and just enjoyed the dayyy… hehehe since after today I might not be able to go out together with them anymore during this trip, because they are leaving for Indonesia soon. I had work and class too.. huh :\ well, I shouldn’t ask for more…

Thanks for the dayyy God for my mom and sis being here with me though I am not going back to Medan.. hehehe 🙂

We will also have great great daysss some time later with also my dad and bro… can’t wait that day to come.. *pray*


feel so blessed and grateful