Do I agree with that statement? Yes, I do. But I can’t do that today.

Suddenly when I got back to my hall and sat down, thoughts of today’s annoying and irritating moment just popped up in my mind. I was so relieved when I finally reached my room and sat down, stretched my legs and relaxed.

Today, I went to the office where I worked as usual. Well, at first there are several things that make it different from the other days. One of them is that I wore my new shoes that I just bought with my mom. At first, it was just normal, but then suddenly I felt not so comfortable wearing it. I kept walking to the office, but then it just became worse. I could feel my skin being peeled off bit by bit… So painful, and so stressed about it. I reached there and I was kinda late because of it. Anyway, that didn’t really matter. I was trying to register my UE subject, so I asked one of the staff in the office to help me manned the counter. But, quite a number of people just came and I have no choice but to attend them too. It was so disturbing and I couldn’t concentrate at all. well, that’s not the worst part of the day. When I finally opened my shoes because I couldn’t bear the pain anymore, I lost the shoes’ pin. =\ Later, there was one guy coming to ask for cert letter, that I went to the counter and took one block of form from the desk. Because I took it carelessly, I hurt my palm because of the paper as I take one piece of it quickly and it ran through my palm like sharp knife. arghh, I was so annoyed and angry because of my own fault.

I really needed bandage and my slippers right away which I knew impossible to get that moment. Fortunately, my roommate came to the office to pass me some bandages since she was also on the way. Thanks to her, which at least lesser the pain in my ankle.

Some other things that made me so angry was those people who came to the counter and just told me what they need impolitely. One of them was a girl, she came in and said “Transcript (FULLSTOP)” and talked to me in such resentful way. She kept arguing with me about the transcript that we couldn’t produce at the moment. There was another girl, who said she need to update the citizenship in database was asked to bring her certificate of citizenship. But she kept arguing that she could use the IC to update. My supervisor came out and talked to her, yet she replied in a very rude tone that she insist and will email to OAS later and didn’t care about what we have told her earlier. -_-”

I have such a bad day and I complained and complained in my heart. Why I can’t even get anyone to help me that moment. Maybe it sounded like small little things, yet I am so pissed off. I walked lamely and kept telling myself to learn from this morning situation. But I couldn’t, I wished that there were escalator throughout the way to my room. I wished there are suddenly someone offer me a slipper. I wished my hall was near to the office. However, none of my wishes will came true anyway. I couldn’t resist the pain anymore that I walked totally like handicapped.So screwed up, made me think about those friends that can help me anyway at that situation. None. Hopeless.

On the other hands, I still haven’t being registered for my core and pe. There was no reply at all from the person I emailed to. I couldn’t choose 3 UEs for waitlist that I could only put 2. Maybe I shouldn’t be so happy yesterday, everything just turned the opposite way today. 😦

Enough said, I am off.