Well, after those unfavourable moments that come and still with me even at this point of time I decided not to rant anymore. I hope, I remember and do as I have said!

Yeap, I haven’t got all my major PEs registered yet, I also haven’t got any news regarding hall (need to wait until end of July probably..), my mom and sis went back to Indonesia already, there is no change in my life since my last rant. However, I just decided to stop thinking and rant too much.

I know I am somebody who won’t be able to survive without complaining or ranting when I face problems. I am not somebody who can straight away calm herself down and think about solutions to the problems. Neither do I am somebody who is wise enough to take a right decision everytime options are presented in front of me.

Everyone, I know always say that I rant too much, I complained too much and I realised that. Not that I want to control myself quiet, just that I can’t keep myself not spillling out those annoyance inside here. But, everytime I think about it again, I am just a useless noisy stupid girl who is actually lamented herself. Being not able to do what she want to do, always. Being not able to get what she want to get, always. Being fool by people who she hardly knows, always. Compare to others surrounds her, she appears like nothing to be proud of, really. Sometimes, my inner self asked for just a slight confidence, promised to stop complaining about problems, work harder in this life and be a better person. Today I said that, tomorrow I forgot and I start everything again, I reminded myself again, I forgot. What’s happening really… a dead-set girl is not me, ardent, devoted, optimistic? I wish!

All those oath promises I set for myself, just came and gone. Why is it so hard to do and maintain those promises? Why is it always so easy to make mistake yet hard to not make any mistake? Why is it always easier to do useless things than useful things? Why is it so hard to make myself do the right things? Why is it so hard to study consistently when I have to? Huzzahhh, I hashed over these craps again!!!!

I should have planned more things to do, so I won’t be slacking around at time like this :2.05 morning…. T.T

To do lists:

1. Read up the chapters… T.T (before Monday, so unrealistic.., anyway…)

2. Finished learning Kirara by next week.

3. Move out luggage and boxes by next week.

4. Leaf through Camera manual book.

5. Wake Up Wake Up early!!!

6. Exercises…

7. Spare time with those Abandoned books n novels…

Below are some pics from europe trips that I took 🙂 Just think of posting it…

3 unknown flying objects in Olomouc, dusk

Dandelion, their feathered structured fly all over the city, Olomouc

Cathedral in Olomouc

this is result of my shaky hands, well, it looks quite cool =p

see, that red light is yinghui taking pic of mel n rayne(the silhouettes) XD hahaha

pic with the Major of Olomouc ^^

view outside the hotel’s window, Olomouc.. too dark n didn’t know how to adjust my cam, nv read the manual. T.T

w the Puerto Rican! kakoii, they are amazing, 3 golds! XD

Lastly is the GOLD we won … 😀

Yeahh, that’s it for todayy… Tired.. gtg..

rhynchan~ have to stop doing things patchily! =.=