It’s been a long time since I post something here right…
Well, this post gonna be the short one as well coz I need to go sleep soon. 🙂

First thing, I have moved to my new room since yesterday. A GREAT Thanks to all of my friends who have helped me moved everyhing… hohoho, I knew it was tiring yet you all came and helped, ほんとに ありがとう :DDD

Today, I cleaned up my room again, coz soon after all my things moved inside, the dust just started to spread around again… =_=”
Yeahh, but I just finished cleaning up my room, doing part of my load laundry, and arranging all my stuffs. BIG thanks to Opo and Lenny!! ^^ BIG applause to both of them coz they really have helped out a lot… hehehe, thanks Opo for tidying up my clothes, helping me passing heavy lec notes around.. also, thanks Lenny for helping in her “prayer” :p hahaha, jk2.. she helped me arranging my stuffs inside drawers, putting inside all my stationary in such tidy and organized way :DD Big hug for you two.. sorry for e trouble that I gave you all…

Finally, I have moved and settled down.. hohoho, I really appreciate for all the sweats 😀

Special thanks to:
Opomon, Lenny~hu, untuk kerja kerasnyaa  ^^
Dewi ayi untuk bersih2 n alat pembersih pinjamannya :p
Diana deng untuk bantu2 pdhannya hoho :DDDD
Andri dut untuk bantu angkat2 walaupun mase sakit :DDDD
Sumi, JeYe untuk waktu n tenaganya pas pindahan.. :DDDD
Favi, Marwin, Teguh, Elvisan for e places ^^
みんな ありがとう ございました。。。

exhausted… mew meww… but it’s ok 🙂