Today I woke up as usual, wondering what I should do today… Choose which path to take and pursue further. Yes, I have chosen that. And this thoughts popped up out of nowhere.

Photograph: rhyn

If only we know what is the best for us, maybe everything won’t be this complicated…

If only we know what is the desires burning in us, maybe we will just going mad yet happy pursuing that…

If only we know what is our heart is telling us out loud, we may choose and never step back…

Yet, as what I phrase here, we are just a human. That three thoughts will remain as thoughts, never be a reality.

We are not a robot which a chip in our brain will tell us what to do and how to do. We are not a doll which will act when someone help us to move.

We are human who are not clear about our ownselves sometimes. We are a human who has lots of entangled things running through our heart and brain at the same time. We are just a human who can’t help but to balance the request from the heart and brain then proceed further.

Yes, if you just realized, we are only an ordinary human who will make errors in life and learn from that…

We are only human who can change and unclear about the process of changing.

I am just a human live in this extraordinary environment and hope to reach an extraordinary, who is so insatible of every single thing that happen in this moment.

Back again,

If only I can control myself well, control my brain on how to think and look at something…

Feel and care my heart on how to love or hate someone,

Understand and command myself to do what they said I should do…

Or ask the one who crafted me to manually switch on my chip and do as how I were programmed

maybe I will be always happy… coz I know nothing but just do as they wish.

However, I am just a human. I am not a sophisticated robot neither a barbie doll.

So, I will just be a human anyway.


life would be easier if there is no change, however what a dull life I would swim in.