Where did the burning tears, the outcry of love,
the sparkling days vanish off to?
If we keep wandering down this aimless path
we’ll never go back to the way things used to be

If you listen carefully, what would
my heart tell me?
Every time I imagine the sky as it was then
In the depths of this filthy town

The gifts of god… loneliness and troubles
Just cry when you feel like it
Is this destiny?
Should we give up?
The seasons are like a magical cycle

Oh, baby… No maybe.
Losing “love” and without “emotion”
Pretending to lament
and just blaming it all on the world

Oh, baby… You’re maybe.
Losing “love” and without “comfort”
The feeling of happiness
Wrap me in your arms one more time

The memories remain vividly
in order to love your past self
Your unknown future, looking from the deep past
is for the sole fulfillment of your dream

Who opens the door to miracles?
Smile, just one more time
Will you notice?
That key
is already in the palm of your hand

Why, baby? Oh, tell me.
Losing “love” and without “emotion”
Pretending not to give it a chance
Is it to protect yourself?

Oh, baby. You’re maybe.
The battle’s almost won!!
Feeling like defeat
Overcome… One more chance.
I talk to myself…

Oh, baby. No, maybe.
Losing “love” and without “emotion”?
Pretending to lament
The only thing left is regret

Oh, baby. Smile baby.
That life of yours isn’t for eternity
Everyone whispers softly to themselves
deep inside their hearts


Underneath the distant sky

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